This year's Guilford College graduates have endured unforeseen hardships and accomplished outstanding success. They are resilient, hopeful, innovative, determined, and transformative leaders.

We're excited to see the positive impact they have on the world!


Class of 2020!


From her very first tour, Dayna Bryden ’20 knew that Guilford was the perfect fit. The College offered her the right energy, organization, and opportunity to grow into herself. Dayna now aspires to be a school counselor, and she plans to attend graduate school for a Master’s in Counseling next fall at either Wake Forest University, N.C. Central University, or Walden University. 


Guilford’s Core Values immediately resonated with Honors student and Community and Justice Studies and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies double major Mattie Schaefer ’20. In July, Mattie will be moving to Burlington, Vt., where they'll pursue their Master’s of Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration at the University of Vermont. “In two years, I'll be Mattie Schaefer, M.Ed., and will enter the job search for positions at colleges and universities, doing what I love — student affairs.”

Senior Art Thesis

bringing beauty to some of life’s greatest difficulties.

Selected for the rigorous honors Art Thesis program, six students spent the last year planning, creating, and adapting their work for their final exhibition, SHIFT. Aptly named, not just for the challenges beautifully represented in each collection, but also for the quick and innovative changes these students had to make. As the COVID-19 pandemic altered the course of their final semester, they continued to produce outstanding pieces with uplifting messages with only the tools available in their homes.





Kelsey shares her incredible athletic and academic Guilford experience and her plans to attend the Medical University of South Carolina after graduation. “Guilford has played a role in who I am as a person today, and I will forever be grateful for this place I call home!”





“Not only did Philosophy get me ready for graduate school academically, but it also allowed me time to expand my learning in other areas and make the most of my liberal arts education,” Andrew says. Andrew reflects on his time at Guilford as he prepares for the joint JD/MBA program at Cleveland State in Ohio.





Ashley Tracy ’20 shares how her Guilford journey helped her grow, transform her life, and set her on the path to dental school. “Guilford has opened my eyes to the world around me and all it has to offer. It’s taught me a deeper meaning of diversity, and it has helped teach me to be myself no matter what environment I find myself in,” Ashley says. 


Whats your favorite guilford memory?

Commencement is a time to look forward to the future — and to celebrate the past. Seniors look back on the friendships and experiences they built over the last four years, reminiscing on all of their good times at Guilford.


International locations became hands-on learning laboratories for these seniors. In Guilford’s student-authored study abroad blog, they share their journeys of deep academic and cultural exploration as they travelled the world and learned what it means to be a global citizen.

Mallory CerkleskI '20

 "I learned so much and in such a short amount of time its like the change is so visible to me, my knowledge is almost tangible. I think of real life examples of things I experience to back up everything I learn in the classroom and I needed that, I needed context into the world, I needed to see how climate change affects people, I needed to make connections and fall in love with people that are struggling to live because of the things we do to the earth, I needed that."

experience matters

Landing the dream job is all about experience! These seniors shared the details of their incredible internships on Guilford's student-authored internship blog, Experience Matters. From building connections to getting hands-on experience, these positions shaped who they are and their future careers.



"This internship has definitely been an educational and rewarding experience, in which I have learned as much about myself as a writer as I have about the topics I cover for the different issues. This internship has given me many skills that I am excited to take with me in my life after Guilford, and I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with the wonderful folks in Advancement!"





"My experience at my internship provided learning that a classroom is not able to provide, and it strengthened  my passion for research," Emilia says. As a result,  she has applied and been admitted to the Master of Science in Environmental and Green Chemistry at George Washington University.



“ I was not only able to gain knowledge and experience within national politics but given skills that both compliment and were complimented by my work at Guilford,” Colin says. He has accepted a fellowship with a nonprofit in D.C. called The Institute for Responsible Citizenship this  summer where he will help run an intensive summer program for high-achieving black male college students. Colin also plans to attend graduate school before pursuing a career in policy research.



"This internship was an extremely salient stage in my development as a student at Guilford because it allowed me to integrate my two majors in a real-world, practical context. Working with families from all over Central America and the Caribbean gave me hands-on experience: in the medical field, social work field, and building cross-cultural skills," Andrew says. His future plans include using his Spanish to live abroad either while completing an internship or teaching English.




quiceno ’20

"With my experience, I will be able to apply my new communication skills in the future and have better skills for translating from Spanish to English. Being bilingual will help in any job opportunity to communicate well and write with good grammar. I will now also be comfortable working in an environment with children and parents, as well as applying some of the teaching skills that I learned.," Laura says.



 "Being a part of promotions first hand was an experience that I will always appreciate. I credit this internship, my major/minor courses and time spent at WQFS with building a foundation and creating a stepping stone into my career and life after college!" Tomas says. After graduation, he plans to continue working for the WQFS stree team.


ortega '20


From the first time she visited campus during Spring Into Guilford, Lele fell in love with the warm, welcoming environment. “Guilford has made me more aware of how much my voice, no matter how small, matters and that I have a responsibility to use it. The College has also taught me the importance of being in a community of supportive and passionate people,” Lele says. She plans to pursue a career in social work after graduation in May. 


This year’s graduates had many people to thank — from parents, to faculty, to each other — and many reasons to celebrate. Seniors look forward to prestigious graduate programs, bright careers, and a lifetime of being part of the Guilford family. 

As we continue to recognize the Class of 2020’s hard work and achievements, send your memories to marketing@guilford.edu and tag #GuilfordGrad in your at home celebrations!

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